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How ready is this project, can I use it for my simple purpose (with custom dictionray)

Feb 4, 2009 at 4:42 PM
This project seems to be quite fresh.
Is it ready to be used?
Which other projects should I consider?

Is it ready for this task, which quite certainly need a custom dictionary?
I have a control returning text like this:
Weather in  Current Conditions:	01°C Light SnowWind: WSW 5 kph TUE	WED2/3	2/4H:03	H:04L:-4	L:02Last Update: 16:22:39

I would like to have it translated realtime to a few languages based on a parameter.

Can be based on custom dictionaries only, and one is quite certainly needed.
(Strings like "kph" "TUE" "H"/"H:", "H/L"  needs to be translated)

The code sits in a control, though in the end I would like the HTML to be returned in one request from JavaScript.

The data comes from, and the code I am using is based on: